Sungei Buloh Coastal Trail Tour

Sungei Buloh Wetland Coastal Trail Tour

About Sungei Buloh extension

Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve opened the new extension on 6 Dec 2014, when she celebrated her 21st birthday. Covering an additional 31 hectares of mangrove and coastal forests to the original reserve, this extension features a new visitor centre with a very informative Mangrove Gallery, observation points, a coastal trail, a suspended bridge, and a platform for getting close to the mudflats during low tide.

In 2008, our National Parks Board launched the Sungei Buloh Masterplan to ensure that this place continues to be a sanctuary for wildlife. The extension helps relieve pressure on the existing reserve as the number of visitors have increased in recent years.

Excellent view of the coastal forest from the Coastal Trail.

Eagle Point. You can watch eagles hunting for fish, or see
schools of fishes swim closer to shore during high tide.

Cotton Stainer Bug nymph eating seeds
from the fruit of the Sea Hibiscus plant.

Kingfisher Pod. These pods are observation
hides and this one offers an excellent view
of the Straits of Johore.

Playground at the Vsitor Centre for children.
Adults can play too!

Don't forget to take a photo with Muddy the Mudskipper!

About the Tour

Duration of the tour is about 2 hours. The Coastal Trail is wheelchair-friendly and it leads to the original visitor centre, now called the Wetland Centre. You can either start and end at the Visitor Centre, or start at the Visitor Centre and end at the Wetland Centre, or vice versa.

Let us introduce to you the plants and animals that live here and how they manage to survive in such a harsh environment.

Guiding Fee

S$200 (max 12 persons per group)