Chek Jawa Tour

Chek Jawa Tour

About Chek Jawa

Chek Jawa, located off the eastern coast of Pulau Ubin, is so unique that you probably would not find another area in Singapore with such a rich biodiversity - coastal hill forest, mangroves, sandbar, seagrass lagoon, rocky shore, and coral rubble area. Some plants and animals not commonly found on mainland Singapore have been discovered here.

Covering only 1 square kilometre, Chek Jawa was relatively unknown by locals until the year 2000 when the government announced plans to do land reclamation in the area. Many people started visiting this place, hoping to see it one last time before it was gone forever. That was when they discovered Chek Jawa was full of wildlife and other natural gems. Luckily, in July 2001, our urban planning authority reversed their decision to develop this area, and to allow it to remain in its natural state (for as long as possible).

A wild boar may come greet you at the visitor centre!

View of Mangrove Boardwalk from Jejawi Tower.

Fiddler crabs can be seen during low tide.

View of the Seagrass Lagoon and Sandbar during low tide.

Carpet Anemone.

House #1, probably the only house in Singapore with
a working fireplace, and the viewing jetty.

About the tour

This walk takes about 2 hours. It will start and end at the Chek Jawa Info Kiosk. The first section of the walk will bring us into the mangroves. Find out why mangroves are such an important part of the ecosystem. Look for the well-camouflaged animals that stay there. After the Mangrove Boardwalk, we will take the Coastal Boardwalk and this loop follows the coastline at Chek Jawa. The boardwalk allows you to observe the various habitats without getting wet. On our return, we will drop by House No. 1, a Tudor-style bungalow, which has been restored and is now used as a visitor centre.

NOTE: Most habitats can be seen only during low tide.

To get to Chek Jawa, take a 15-minute bumboat ride ($4 single trip) from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin Jetty. From there, you can either take a 45 minute to 1-hour walk, cycle, or minivan taxi to Chek Jawa.

Guiding Fee

The guiding fee does not include the boat fares to/from Pulau Ubin and transport fares to/from Chek Jawa. If necessary, the guide will meet the group at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal or Ubin Jetty.

S$250 (max 12 persons per group)