About Big Bunny

Best Nature Guide in Singapore - Quak Wan Ling

Hi, my name is Quak Wan Ling. 

(Quak = family name, Wan Ling = first name)

Birding at Gardens by the Bay.
My family members and friends prefer to call me Big Bunny because I love my pet bunnies very much. I am a professional guide and I conduct nature tours on this sunny little island home called Singapore.

In my previous life as an IT professional, weekends were for outdoor activities. I often went birdwatching or explored local places of interest with my camera. After I adopted digital photography, I channeled my interest into nature photography. I studied my subjects, both plants and animals, in order to understand them so that I may take better nature photographs.

I started volunteering with National Parks Board in 2009. I enjoyed conducting the guided walks for the public so much that I decided to get certified to become a professional guide. I continue to volunteer my services to this day.

To earn my licence as a professional guide, not only did I have to know my plants and animals well, I had to learn about the historical, cultural and development of Singapore too! It was a good thing because I now have more stories to tell.

I still love to birdwatch, love to travel, love to take photographs, and I am very grateful to be able to share my passion for plants and animals with visitors and to show them how amazing our natural world is.

I can be contacted at
mobile: +65 96522865
email: wanling@bigbunnytrails.com

Wan Ling

volunteer nature guide with National Parks Board since 2009,
licensed Singapore Tourism Board tourist and nature guide since 2013.